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We have four major product lines with The AirComp Calculator™  report packages as our main offering. See below and click where appropriate to explore your options.

AirComp Calculator Report Packages

Whether you’re a professional in the job hunt or an Aviation Manager wondering what you should pay your personnel – we have a product for you!

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AirComp Plus

Our AirComp Plus report packages, include everything provided through the AirComp Calculator PLUS an analysis of the effect of long-term incentive programs that vest over time on employee retention.

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AirComp Options™

Your skills are in demand so you need answers.
Business aviation versus the airlines: which is the better financial option?

We’ll run your data against our proprietary database that is powered by several well-respected aviation compensation surveys and data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Then, we’ll compare your data versus the compensation rates of the best-paying major airlines to produce a report that will demonstrate the effect of your decision in the short-term and over the course of many years. Make your career choice based on the industry's most comprehensive compensation data. A small investment today can provide the data you need to make the best financial decision for the rest of your aviation career.

What to see a sample report first? Click here to request our white paper that explains the process and includes pages from a sample report.

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Custom Compensation Surveys

Sometimes your information needs are better addressed by a custom compensation survey.

Are you curious about compensation trends in your major metropolitan area? Would you like to see a survey conducted that focuses on departments in your location? Dr. Broyhill has done tailored surveys for individual clients and the cost is less than you think!

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* Prices may be subject to additional taxes and fees.