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Total Direct Compensation Analysis

​The standard version of the AirComp Calculator™ offers analysis of base salary, total cash compensation (with and without 401K match), and total compensation. AirComp Plus takes that analysis to the next level by adding total direct compensation analysis.

Total Direct Compensation = Total Cash Compensation + Long-Term Incentive Payments.

Many companies use long-term incentive payments to improve employee retention. While short-term incentive payments pay in the same year they are earned or awarded, LTI plans typically pay in three to five years and they are either equity or cash based.

Equity-based plans use company stock to create an equity interest in the company and foster identification with shareholder interests. The value of the award is based on the performance of the company’s stock, but actual awards may take the form of stock or cash. These plans are nearly always limited to companies that are publicly owned.

Cash-based plans are those which are not based on stock or equity, and they may be used in addition to stock-based plans or in organizations that do not have stock. Flight departments for privately held companies or high-net-worth individuals and management company accounts usually fall into this category, although only a few of them provide LTI plans.

AirComp Plus presents ranges for total direct compensation by using the face value of LTI awards made in the current year. If the user’s compensation package includes LTI, AirComp Plus shows the complete picture of the user’s compensation package versus the market.

For more information and pricing on AirComp Plus packages, please contact us. Below is a demo video.