Book a Virtual Consultation with Dr. Chris Broyhill.

Special Pricing for Personal Level AirComp Club Members

Book a Virtual Consultation with Dr. Chris Broyhill

The AirComp Calculator™ reports are created to be a comprehensive and complete tool for management and employee decision making.

Nevertheless, now that you have your AirComp Calculator™ report, you might find that a virtual consultation with Dr. Broyhill and your team, human resources department, superiors, and/or subordinates will help in devising and implementing your next steps.

Book a virtual consultation session with Dr. Broyhill to continue on your journey of optimized compensation.

Normally, the investment is $400 for up to one hour with Dr. Broyhill, live and face-to-face, via Zoom or another similar tool. However, as a Personal Level AirComp Club Member, you'll receive 10% off, so your cost is $360.