Official Compensation Report for the Aviation Industry - Quarter 1 2021

We've compiled an example compensation report for three different positions you are likely to have in your flight department:

  • Captain
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Flight Attendant

The report, compiled using the AirComp Calculator™, is valid as of Q1 of 2021 and includes data at the average and 50th percentile for all of the United States. The report provides market ranges for base salary, total cash compensation (wth 401K match), and total compensation at an average benefit load. It showcases the  AirComp Calculator's ability to scientifically generate compensation ranges and compa-ratios (the ratio of current compensation levels vs the midpoint of the market range) as well as provide observations and recommendations for compensation changes.

This report is offered as a service to the aviation community to help aviation managers make accurate decisions and to let individual employees know where they stand. Compensation is a crucial element in the retention equation. Don't guess about what to pay your people. KNOW what to pay them.