Arlington, Texas. March 30, 2020. AirCompRX™, a respected aviation consulting firm led by noted industry researcher Christopher M. Broyhill, Ph.D., CAM, has completed a detailed analysis and comparison of four business aviation auditing protocols versus the source documents for those protocols, ICAO Annex 6, Part 1, Operation of Aircraft, and ICAO Annex 19, Safety Management. The protocols analyzed were:

• Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF);
• Air Research Group / US (ARGUS);
• International Standard, Business Aircraft Operation (IS-BAO); and
• WYVERN Wingman

The results of the analysis clearly indicate that the WYVERN Wingman was most compliant audit protocol with the ICAO source documents.

Of the 95 compliance items listed in ICAO Annex 6, Part 1, only the WYVERN Protocol addressed all the items. The IS-BAO Protocol addressed 91 items. The ACSF and ARGUS Protocols addressed 37 and 34 items respectfully.  dditionally, the WYVERN Protocols were the only ones that aligned precisely with the elements of the Annex.

While all four protocols addressed the basic elements of the safety management system as outlined in ICAO Annex 19, only the WYVERN and IS-BAO protocols provided for detailed analysis of an organization’s SMS and focused on the behavior of the organization itself not what was merely present in the organization’s manual suite. Additionally, the WYVERN and IS-BAO protocols provided detail for evaluating safety data collection and safety data information sharing while the ACSF and ARGUS protocols did not.

The overall rankings from the analysis were as follows:

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About the analyst:
Christopher M. Broyhill, Ph.D., CAM is an industry authority on personnel retention, compensation and leadership. He is the author of the industry’s first book about leadership, Business Aviation Leadership: From the Traits to the Trenches. Through AirCompRX™, he offers research, analysis and consulting services specializing in leadership and organizational culture analysis, retention and compensation analysis, operational best practices analysis, and motivational seminars that address aviation leadership. For more information go to